Crepe Affaire

Welcome to the manic world of Crepe Affaire. Six years ago Mr. Crepe set out on a mission to bring French crepes to the UK (produced by his miraculous crepe machine). We gave him a logo in a font with lots of 'food value', a big pancake moon and have been part of his adventure since. Crepe Affaire has spread and reproduced, on the high street and in shopping centers and so has the branding. Every shop has its own bespoke menu boards, price lists, advertising, etc, just to keep us busy and entertained. Marketing at its best, here a few highlights: 'pleasure you can measure' (we are talking calories), 'crepe-a-porter' (relates to take-away), 'le-big-crepe' (McDonald's watch out!). A winning formula, there will be a Crepe Affaire near you soon!

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