I Am Not A Courier

Since fixed-gear bikes came into fashion there can be confusion about who is a genuine bike courier and who is not. Many creatives ride their fixed-gear bikes and start looking like couriers. With this shirt they can make things clear. The text runs across like a bag shoulder strap and is set in Courier-Sans, obviously not Courier. The shirt costs 15 (including postage within the UK) or 17.50 (including postage to anywhere else). If you want one of the few we have left just mail.

Organic Poo

Organic is chic and trendy, and often just a marketing tool to double the price. Annoyed by the organic trend we designed this range of t-shirts in three different poo colours. Regardless of what we eat, what comes out is 100% organic anyway.

Outdated Punk Slogans

A series with German punk slogans from the eighties. What sounded like a progressive statement at the time, seems ridiculous now. This is a collection for the middle aged, fat and balding ex-punk generation.

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