Among many other great designers and artists we were invited to design a beer label for a unique project initiated by SB–Studio in support of Artfund. 100 names for 100 bottles of Liverpool Craft Beer. Having a strong German contingent in the studio it was obvious that we picked the name 'Slumped Bratwurst' from the list. Our design ads a sausage twist to a serious Germanic Blackletter font.

"100/100 is a live collaborative experiment between the public and a carefully selected group of 100 artists, illustrators, designers and writers whose work we admire. Our friends at The Liverpool Craft Beer Co. have brewed us our very own beer. A beautifully balanced 5% wheat beer, made from blood oranges, coriander seeds, Belgium candy and a variety of hops. In December we asked the public to help name our beer. Out of 1,000 entries we have shortlisted 100 names from our online naming tool and now 100 collaborators are creating 100 unique labels for each. 100 bottles, 100 names, 100 collaborators, 100 unique identities."

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