Belmacz Gallery

Belmacz has opened its first shop and gallery in London Mayfair. For this reason we have re-designed the original identity and worked in collaboration with Jump Studios on the interior.

The new Belmacz identity relates to the process in which raw minerals and diamonds are more and more refined until they become a piece of jewelry. Mining is a brutal intervention with the environment where often massive holes are 'cut out' of the earth. The conditions under which people work in mines for example in Africa or Siberia are hard and their life could not be more different from that of the rich clientele shopping in Mayfair.

Between Siberia and Mayfair the materials go through many hands. We also wanted to visualize this idea of dislocation. Not only the raw materials travel also the final pieces of jewelry often start a new journey. They are passed on from one generation to the next, given away as presents, get stolen or auctioned, and so on.

For this reason the new Belmacz identity works across may different items and media. Every shape that has been cut out on one item re-appears again somewhere else. For example a shape missing on a business card can re-appear on a carrier bag or somewhere in the shop interior. It was a difficult task to keep track of all the shapes within the overall design.

The design of the toilet wall goes back to the origin of the jewels. We see it as a place for reflection. It shows Googe Earth images of large diamond mines, screen-printed on glass which is covered by leaf gold from the back.

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