Poopoo Strategy

So far we have been doing design without any thinking at all. Our work had no purpose and no direction, it just miraculously materialised. Things have changed. Now we also offer STRATEGY (!!!) to our clients. We wear nice clean shirts and talk a lot, using all the latest marketing buzzwords (don't worry if you don't understand them, we don't understand them either). We have the biggest flip charts, order new stacks of Post-its on a weekly basis, we organise holistic client workshops, spoil our focus groups with luxurious lunches, produce highly impressive powerpoint presentations, convincing diagrams and technically advanced logo construction drawings. We offer the full programme! Enjoy the ride through our process! 100% boardroom satisfaction guaranteed. Obviously we will charge you for it shit loads.

(Just in case you haven't noticed: this is comedy. If you prefer your design hands-on and without bullshit look at the rest of this website.)

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