Don’t believe the hype! If you are a designer or illustrator and you have a bit of pride and decency avoid this place. Its just another greedy ex city boys rip-off venture. They paid us (pretty badly) designing their identity for one (!) location, not for three or more. Despite massive investment they even refused to pay our illustrator some lousy 500 Euro for using her work again. Instead they rather fake her style and spent their money on some big-shot solicitors. These people have no respect or decency. Our design is still good but may some massive cockroach infestation wipe out their whole operation.

→ You can download the KROOCKED FONT for free!

Kricket (with a K) is a British Indian restaurant in a rusty old shipping container at Pop Brixton. We designed the overall identity, interior and exterior graphics plus a small website. The logo is inspired by Victorian lettering.

Illustrations by Lenia Hauser.

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