Fusion Shop

The fusion of two often quite different business concepts has become increasingly popular. A classic example is the bicycle workshop cafe. As such small businesses are facing less competition by large commercial chains they pose real opportunities for designers, not just to develop a nice logo but an overall concept. 

The students of this course developed the following fusion shop concepts: 
'Mortari', a chocolaterie and spice shop (Max Fraundorfer / Tobias Haarholt); 'The Maze', a casino with a fortune teller (Florian Mecklenburg / Sadrick Schmidt); 'Guns 'n' Girls', a strip bar and shooting range combination (Maren Messner / Julia Fuchshofen); 'Herrchen + Frauchen', a dating agency and restaurant for dog owners (Anke Friedrich); 'Zur frittierten Eule' (The Fried Owl), a restaurant and library (Andreas Kuschner / Sarah Schwarz); 'Smokey Diamonds', a cigar and jewelry shop for men (Robin Hartschen); 'Kvant', a space-age laundry and sport center (Lisa Kiehn / Stefanie Kuppert / Veronica Remmele); 'Dare Your Hair', an experimental hairdresser where you can by a hat if you don't like your haircut (Jerrold Pangilinan); 'Plus Minus Zero', a combination of a fitness studio and a sausage stand (Annika Strathmann / Katarina Zguda); 'Schuhentspanner', a shoe repair service that offers foot massage while you wait (Trang Le); 'Mingle', a supermarket where you can eat everything you buy in the adjoined restaurant (Matthias Keune / Asczo Ganeshelingem / Susanne Andersch); 'Saufit', a farm and fitness studio fusion (by Jennifer Rieke); 'crEATe', a kitchen and creative workshop fusion (Svenja Gerster); 
Disclaimer: The copyright of all work shown here is with the individual students. No work shown here was produced by Mind Design or Holger Jacobs.

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