Writing Machines

This course was split into two parts. In the first part each student was asked to build a machine that can write, scribble or produce any form of trace. Typography in its widest definition as mark making. Readability was irrelevant. A very important aspect of this course was the balance between accidental and controlled design. Students where encouraged to understand the relationship between head and heart, letting go and analytical evaluation. Following this concept in the second part every student was asked to design a poster using whatever the machine has produced as a basis. The text was given and only one typeface (Helvetica) was allowed. Each design went trough many stages of reassessment and fine-tunig. The posters were itself part of a small, one day exhibition of the machines on the universities 'open day'.

Disclaimer: The copyright of all work shown here is with the individual students. No work shown here was produced by Mind Design or Holger Jacobs.

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