Holger and former long term Mind Design partner Craig went to Munich, Germany to give a talk and run a workshop at the three-day 20plusX Summer School. Together with students they built a 'big corporate design machine'. This workshop was in some way a combination of two courses in Düsseldorf, 'Writing Machines' and 'Logo Marathon. Good fun, great results.

The Big Corporate Design Machine:
Nobody needs us designers anymore. Clients know exactly what they want and if not, they hire a strategy developer who will tell us what to do. Focus groups and internet click rates decide over creativity. We are more and more pushed into the role of cosmetic technicians and Mac operators. Follow the brief and make it look pretty. 

So why not replace ourselves by a machine that will do the work for us? We go out and play in the meantime. Or have a drink. In this workshop we will build the 'big corporate design machine', a machine that responds to the ten most commonly mentioned adjectives in every brief and produces highly appropriate artwork.

Every workshop participant  will build one section of the machine. It will be build from ordinary household items and doesn't require advanced engineering skills. On the last day of the workshop we will operate the machine as part of the exhibition. Afterwards we will all go into early retirement. 

20plusX Summer School<

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