In connection with the occupied room Florian Mecklenburg and several other students organised VOID, a three-day symposium, workshop series and t-shirt exhibition.

Graphic design, art and architecture occupy abstract spaces subtly or directly in our perception, and tangible spaces in our environment. By design VOID aims to explore the possibilities and limits of the occupation of spaces in an interdisciplinary discourse.

Within this context, 19 international designers have been invited to represent a personal position on a t-shirt within a pre-defined area. Workshops explore the opportunities and the nature of new vacant spaces in the design context. The symposium will provide insight into renowned designers’ approaches. VOID also offers the opportunity for discussion and a versatile exchange.

How can design occupy a permanent place in the mind of the beholder? What are the codes that unlock thinking space in order to make design communicate? And how does the designer deal with the empty space? These are just some of the questions that will be asked.


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