Talks and Workshops

Holger or his students organise regular talks and workshops at the university. Most of them are part of the Jour Fixe lecture series.

Julia from London
(Poster by Ly Thanh Le and Merle Düpmeier)

Pinar & Viola from Amsterdam
(Poster by Merle Düpmeier)

Alexander Lis from Frankfurt am Main
(Poster by Merle Düpmeier)

Studio Sport from Zurich/Basel
(Poster by Andreas Steinbrecher)

Sebastian Pataki from Amsterdam
(Poster by Florian Mecklenburg)

Frank Höhne from Berlin
(Poster by Tobias Textor)

Julius Popp from Berlin
(Poster by Marvin Hüttermann)

Dr. theol. Rudolf Branko Hein from Abtei Hamborn
(Poster by Tobias Textor und Florian Mecklenburg)

Studio Dumbar from Rotterdam
(Poster by Daniel Seemayer)

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